B2B Digital Marketing Solutions

It's a locally owned and operated company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Our company was created to promote and encourage businesses to utilize the latest in visual on-line technologies.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide customized solutions that best fit our client's individual marketing strategies as we endeavor to maximize the impact of their advertising dollar.


We live, and do business, in a cookie-cutter world where many companies simplify and box their products to fit their own objectives, often forcing their customers to ‘take it or leave it’. We believe it is time to return to developing personal, customized relationships with businesses and their clients.

B2B Digital Marketing Solutions understands that in a turbulent, ever-changing marketplace it is often difficult to recognize that we likewise need to change and adapt in order to survive and thrive. At B2B Digital Marketing Solutions we are committed to adapting, along with our clients, in order to assist them in establishing and/or maintaining competitive advantages in their markets.

Our primary objective is to stay on the cutting edge of Virtual Tour technology and to continually offer our clients the newest and most effective marketing solutions.

B2B Digital Marketing Solutions is part of the Google 'Street View | Trusted’ project, which is an effort by Google to pair small and medium business owners up with professional photographers (Google Trusted Photographers) to take high-quality images of their business for their Google+ Local pages. Virtual Tours make a business more interactive and allows customers to enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour of your establishment, encouraging more customer visits and creating more revenue to your business.

We offer business owners a superb, effective marketing tool for a fraction of the cost of most standard promotional products available. We provide you with a hands-on, high impact marketing tool that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 365 days a year - all for less than the price of a single, one-page newspaper ad that it is probably viewed only once.

At B2B Digital Marketing Solutions we are not selling you a promo gimmick, we are providing you with a viable tool to help your businesses grow.

Contact us today and step into a brighter future.