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Video is a potent marketing tool and effective way to drive leads to your door, generate interest in your products and services, and increase your sales. The inclusion of a video in your website can prove eye-catching and can help to draw in your potential customers, and submitting videos to YouTube can help to spread the word about your products and services. All the milestones YouTube achieved in less than a decade has made it the world's second largest search engine, and a key platform for on-line video marketing and advertising.

YouTube is the largest source of videos all over the internet, and it also plays a huge role in social media these days. That's one of the main reasons why you should include video as part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you haven't started a YouTube channel for your business, you're missing out on the SEO advantages that video offers businesses specially now that Google is integrating youtube videos to Google+ business pages. People are looking for information about your products or services using different platforms. Using videos, you can showcase your products, share testimonials from clients and customers, and much more.

Integrating all our services in one package where youtube videos play an important role, we are taking the online marketing strategies to the next level. Your video will appear in Google search results page, YouTube's own search results, and as part of your Google+ business page.

"In November 2011, Google integrated its social networking site Google+ with YouTube and its web browser Google Chrome. The move allowed YouTube videos to be watched directly from Google+."

From Social Media Today.

Why video?

1- The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention to faces.
2- Voice conveys rich information.
3- Emotions are contagious.
4- Movement grabs attention.

From Forbes Magazine.

YouTube Promotional / slideshow Videos

YouTube Promotional / slideshow Videos