House Hunt from Home

A Virtual Tour service for Realtors

B2B Digital Marketing Solutions has created an effective virtual tour service for realtors and compatible with all devices that significantly cuts overhead costs, streamlines sales, and dramatically reduces wasted time and energy for both agent and client.

Our new service 'House Hunt from Home' allows you the ability to present a full slate of potential homes to your clients without anyone having to waste valuable time, effort, and money driving to each location for a first-time look. Saving time and travel means less stress for all involved - and increases sales results when actually physically visiting the home.

A Virtual Tour clarifies questions or concerns customers have about a home and helps reduce the non-serious buyer. Many times a client realizes immediately after entering a home that it’s not what they had hope for or had in mind, however, both the realtor and client will still spend needless time completing the tour out of politeness. In such a scenario no one wins and time is wasted. That often means both the realtor and home seller may not see a purchase offer without several different potential buyers wandering through. This can prove frustrating for all involved. When a Virtual Tour is available 'shoppers' may check out the look of a house from the comfort of their own home or office and THEN arrange a personal viewing with the agent.

'House Hunt from Home' allows a realtor to immediately showcase a house with the simple click of a computer mouse. Clients may browse, at their own leisure, through several homes from the computer in the same time as it takes to travel to a house and get the often unwanted guided tour.

Some houses, like some people, just don't photograph well on the exterior, yet a virtual look inside can help demonstrate value and put a positive spin on a home. A virtual tour helps overcome the handicaps of a negative appearance such as a weathered exterior - and shows potential customers that the home is truly meant to be lived in.

A B2B Digital Marketing Solutions service like 'House Hunt from Home' means you can host a 24/7 Open House! Many home sellers and real estate agents despise hosting the traditional open house. Such events are very difficult to organize, are time consuming and stressful, and allow too many people access to one's home. Many realtors are also not convinced an open house is worth the hassle. Virtual tours eliminate the open house function yet still break the ice between the prospective client, the realtor, and/or the home seller. Virtual Tours eliminate the headache.

With a Virtual Tour, you can show off the home how you want - at its very best. No need to clean every time the phone rings, hide the cat or kids, and interrupt dinner or quiet time. House Hunt from Home allows both you and the client to come and go as you both please. In other words it’s a win/win for everyone. A Virtual Tour allows potential buyers to become familiar with a house on the market without the hassle and disappointment that can come with first time showings.

Unlike any other virtual tour program, House Hunt from Home is intentionally crafted to be viewed from any device including laptops, tablets, cell phones... However, for Android users we recommend to use the following browsers for a better performance: Internet browser, Boat browser or Dolphin browser.

Thinking of new ways to promote your properties?

(1) A QR Code could be your best friend on that task. You can link it to the MLS property page, Virtual Tour, or both.

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(2) Our Virtual Tours can be easily attached to the Property MLS Page through the 'View Multimedia' icon.

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